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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Upcoming CM carnival on Holidays?! & A Giveaway?!

Okay so if you've been paying attention, you may have noticed there's been a slight change of theme... okay a dramatic change!  Yep. We're changing themes for the upcoming carnival, and to celebrate, I'm going to give away your first gift of the season!  *Read on.

Please join us at the upcoming CM blog carnival sharing about Holidays at Your House!  
Carnival will be hosted in the Piney Woods... talk about fitting for the season!

Doesn't this little guy look festive?
No, he is not included in the giveaway. 

You might want to post what Charlotte Mason-y things you do during holidays... maybe you could teach us about how Charlotte Mason might have had us use our holidays.  You might post about whatever holiday traditions you have in your family!  If you have a favorite holiday post you'd like to direct us to... do it!  It's up to you :)  Seems to me that you could include Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays! Or any other holiday during the months of November/December for that matter!  The only stipulation you must keep in mind however is, that this is a Charlotte Mason blog carnival!  Which of course we all know just makes it that much better fun! ;)

Or, of course, if you just want to post what's going on in your CM world, please do.**
As always, themes are completely optional.

*Now, here's the really fun part!  Submit a *Holiday-related* post to the upcoming CM blog carnival and you will be halfway to earning one entry in my drawing to win this really fantabulous Metropolitan Museum of Art 2012 Page-a-Day Calendar to put under YOUR Christmas tree!!  Did you know that usually in the past these awesome calendars have already sold out at amazon by this date!? Get yours for free here!  ;)  In your *Holiday-related* post, mention this contest and link to this post to earn your entry in the drawing.

It's as easy as that: Submit your Holiday-related post, include a link to the contest & then leave a comment here to tell me you did it!  :)  Fun.

You can submit your posts here! ::

Earn an extra entry by liking my page on fb (see sidebar).
Earn an extra entry if you become a brand new follower of this blog (leave separate comments for each).
In order to qualify for the extras, you have to have earned your first entry - see above.

Upcoming CM Blog Carnival :: Holidays - 11/22
Optional Reading:
CM volume: v5, p109ff :: A Happy Christmas To You!
PR articles: Holiday Amusements

You can submit your posts here! ::

PS. This IS your friendly bi-weekly blog carnival reminder!
If you'd like to receive regular reminders by e-mail about the carnival, please send an e-mail to :)

**We love ALL CM-related posts EVERY carnival!! However only Holiday-related posts will qualify for the giveaway this time :)


Alisha said...

I submitted a post and linked back to the contest. Looking forward to reading about all the holiday traditions!

Alisha said...

I also "liked" you on FB

Penney Douglas said...

I submitted a post and linked back to the carnival.
Thanks for providing the impetus for writing it!

Penney Douglas said...

I liked your page on FB.

Allison said...

Post submitted and linked back here! Thanks for the great contest and, as always, the fabulous CM carnival!

North Laurel said...

I submitted my holiday post :) Can't wait to read others' posts on this.

North Laurel said...

I liked you on FB :)

and gee, I've been a blog follower for a long time so I guess I don't count for that last entry ;) Oh well! :)

Friederike said...

It finally worked. I send the comment and link. Blessings Friederike

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