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Monday, November 7, 2011

It's my party and I'll vote if I want to! ;)

Wow! I think it is SO fun that someone(s) nominated this blog for the Homeschool Blog Awards!  Thank you :)  I'm so excited about one nomination in particular: Best Homeschooling Methods...  I wholeheartedly agree!  A living education as advocated by Charlotte Mason herself is the BEST!  Join with me and make her principles famous?! 

I've made the difficult decision to vote for myself oh, I mean, Fisher Academy in Best Homeschooling Methods category!! (We've also been nominated for Best Nature Study, and Favorite Homeschool Mom - hah! you guys are too much! seriously. I laughed out loud on this last one. I'm flattered though :)

Here's why:
  1. Charlotte Mason is the BEST and I want her method of delightful, living education to be famous!!
  2. It's fun to win stuff!!
  3. There are so many great blogs, it's probable I won't win anyway, so I might as well get one vote!! ;)
You can vote for Fisher Academy or any number of my friends' wonderful blogs here (I counted at least eight CM bloggy buddies on there, so we have a good chance of winning between us!):

You can only vote for Fisher Academy in one of the following categories...
Best Homeschooling Methods Blog
Best Nature Study, and Favorite Homeschool Mom

Have fun, and enjoy the party!! ;)

1 comment:

Martine said...

Hi Amy, I voted! But I couldn't vote in the Best Homeschooling Methods Blog categorie! I don't know why... Anyway, you're definitely my favorite homeschool mom (and the only one I know, really, but still), so you have my vote for that one. I hope you'll win!

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