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Monday, November 21, 2011

This Week In History: Links for 11/21

My good friend Nancy wondered out loud in the comments of this post, if I knew of anywhere online where Current Events articles might be gathered on certain news headlines from varying viewpoints... I don't. There should be! Until I find one, or as I am able, I'll be posting our links as I accumulate them!  :)

image courtesy of: ba1969

This week's links:
A Greek Tragedy: Ending the Entitlement Mentality - Chuck Colson
What is a tax increase? - World Magazine
Panel set to fail to cut deficit $1.2 trillion - Associated Press via yahoo
Video: Explain it to me: Super Committee @

1 comment:

Nancy Kelly said...

Why Amy, you'll do just fine, thank you! As long as you're gathering, please keep sharing and know that you made one homeschool mom's planning a bit easier today!


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