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Thursday, November 10, 2011

To work on this week...


Shorter Readings
(divide up longer readings over several days – will help with concentration (read for understanding vs. to finish the reading), and will improve narrations (narrate after each section of the reading vs. trying to remember all the way back to the beginning)
Vary Activities
(read for 20-40 min; do nature study, read, or sing hymn, etc. - this will help with quality of concentration, overall brain function, as well as help each study serve as a source of variety and delight)


Get Work Done B4 Lunchtime
(alternating reading and doing, finish all school related tasks early with exception to the mommy-read books which may be read at quiet time or bedtime)
Start Bedtime Readings at 7:30pm
(if not, this just doesn't get done... everyone is too tired (including mommy ;)


Nancy Kelly said...

Nice, short list of goals. I think you'll be successful in implementing such respectful goals. And I hear you about getting started early with those bedtime readings! ZZzzzz.


Brandy Vencel said...

Sounds doable. :)

Question for you, Amy: bedtime readings? Are these AO readings that you've arranged for bedtime? Or just normal bedtime or Bible stories? Just curious...

North Laurel said...

Seeing your list makes me realize I need to make a list. I really would like to do more read-alouds. We did one or two for a while but it kept being put off until we have forgotten it.

amy in peru said...

We are always trying to improve! and yes, bedtime is not the only time I get sleepy... reading aloud seems to have an extremely calming effect on me at any time of day! ;)

Hi! :) Our bedtime readings vary depending... but they have included read alouds that everyone listens to (usually taken from the AO lists, but not always), leftover AO readings when we've had a busy day, or as has been the case in the past and is the case this term, scheduled AO readings for our combined year 1/2.

YES! read alouds are part of the soul of our homeschool especially in the early years... such bonding!

Thanks ladies for stopping by!

amy in peru said...

PS. The reminders for y7 are directly for my boys to take note of, those for y2 are reminders for me as I oversee them more directly.

These observations of areas for improvement are made after 3 weeks of experimenting a move toward serious independence in my y7 boys. I've purposely given them a lot of freedom, ie., how they schedule their time, working out how they'll finish the readings throughout the week, etc. They've needed a little help as they have the tendency to want to read for 2 straight hours in bed instead of splitting up the readings which makes narration more difficult and of a poor quality.
These reminders are meant to help them discover how to help themselves!


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Your p.s. note makes me sit up and pay attention. I've been talking to my teen about scheduling her own schoolwork into shorter chunks vs. reading for two straight hours, and noting the benefits and drawbacks from each approach. (One benefit from doing it Mom's way is that Mom quits talking and talking about it....)

amy in peru said...

@CM in the city,
:) Yesterday morning at our reconnoiter meeting, I made my suggestions, pointed out the reasons that I was making those suggestions, will print the page off and have it visible for a while... hopefully this will help them, without me having to nag. I may make side remarks if I continue to see poor narration with that cause at its root.

I despise nagging ...yet I have a strong propensity toward it nonetheless.

Sarah said...

Good list! My list has got lost as we are coming to the end of our year, we still have about 5 books I want finished, so we squeeze them in whenever we can. :)

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