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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Current Events: 12/1

This was a difficult week to choose articles. If you'll notice the amount of links, it is not because there are so many interesting articles, but rather, I couldn't decide which would be engaging enough to focus our attention on. My goal is having a variety of opinions/sources on any given subject. I'm gonna let my boys look over the headlines this week and choose which of the three divisions they'd like to read about for their This Week in History narration. 

Iran in the news:
Britain evacuates all embassy staff after Iran protesters storm compounds -
EU imposes sanctions on Iran over embassy storming -
Europeans stiffen sanctions on Iran after embassy attack -
Who's Blowing Up Iran? - PJ Media, Michael Ledeen
Iran Declares House Churches a Threat -
News from Iran, Somalia and Slovakia -
Watchdog Reveals Iran's Nucular Arms Work - (subscription required)

Politics or Economics?: Tax Increases for the wealthy
End Welfare for the Wealthy -
Should the Rich be Condemned? -
Cut the Payroll Tax - National Review Online
Congress Bickers Toward Year-end Compromise -
The Iron Law for Tax Cuts -

NBA: The Lockout is over
NBA teams to open facilities to players Thursday -
The NBA is Back and so is Steve Nash -
Jordan the Player vs. Jordan the Owner, One of the many lockout storylines coming to a close

For fun:
Peru's in the news @ CNN, Student News (video)
White House Decks the Halls - (photos)

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