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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Current Events: 12/21

I know, it's almost Christmas and we are still schooling... isn't all of life education though? Even if we weren't sticking with our reading assignments and other interesting pursuits, we'd still be learning something else, right? :) We're slowly catching up after a very strange school year. We should be pretty much on track by the end of the next term... we're hoping :)

Even so, we are very much enjoying the holiday season...

The kids taking part in the Christmas production and festivities at church!

So, without further ado, my boys, you may choose any 2-3 articles from the following categories:

North Korea leadership transition:
North Korea Leader Dies in State -
Analysis of North Korea After Kim -
Kim Jong-il death: 'Nature mourns' N Korea leader -
US says Transition Smooth so far as North Korea Claims Kim Death Sparks Natural Wonders

Latest trip to space:
Multinational Crew Blasts off for Space Station
Soyuz rocket blasts off for International Space Station - {video}
Smooth Start to Latest Space Mision


Because I simply can't bear to leave this post without more holiday cheering, I leave you with this:

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