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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visual Latin {a giveaway!}

Home educating magazine is having a giveaway for Visual Latin curriculum! 
I've looked at the free lessons w/ my boys... we liked it. :) It's one I'd definitely want to look at further!

I actually have looked at this VERY recently, downloaded and watched the lessons. Here's what we liked:
  • the 4 intro and 2 first lessons are free to try on their site! (I love it when businesses express confidence in their product by giving sizable free trials - a good product will sell itself!)
  • there are a TON of freebies also on the site - vocab cards, worksheets, etc
  • the curriculum is fully downloadable!!
  • the videos are SHORT and INTERESTING.
  • the guy in the videos is nice and subtly funny.
  • it's evident that the guy loves languages.
  • he makes some little mistakes, but recovers well, which just serves to make it real.
  • the well organized site and professional videos are done by two homeschool families.

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