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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Handicrafty Christmas

Wanna know what we'll {hopefully} be making to give as gifts this year?!
We only have one week!!  We'll be traveling again very soon.
Here are some hints... :) Close your eyes if you expect a gift from us! ;)

More ideas with these patterns for simple projects:
Simple project patterns
Super simple stocking & ornament pattern
Rag Doll Pattern - (adorable, but not free)
Tissue Holder

Handicraft inspiration from my friends:

Kids Handmade Holiday: Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make - Crafty Crow

Naomi in CA shared the following via the AO yahoo group, and I asked her if I could post it here also!
She said yes. :)

Google 'tutorials' on youtube:
Soap Carving
Cat's Cradle String
Flower Pressing
Finger Knitting

Helpful Links:
AmblesideOnline' s Handicraft page
Keeper's of the Faith Handicraft Kits - an online knitting community with many free knitting and crochet patterns.
Embroidery for kids - courtesy of Katie Sahid
Handcraft ideas for a last minute pull together party - from Greta Eskridge including large colorful pom poms, healthy popsicles, cupcake decorations and personalized gift bags. So simple!
On Wire Sculpting 

Specific Projects:
No tape no staple booklets your kids can make. For making up their own picture books, copywork books, gifts for friends and family.
Dancing Deer Toy - courtesy of Common Room
Marble Run Toy - courtesy of Common Room
Woodpecker Oscillating Toy - courtesy of Common Room
Wire Crochet Basket
Colorful Tissue Paper Windows - your little ones can make

And here's a link to Naomi's blog posts on handicrafts with more ideas!
Her co-op has had a couple of REALLY cool craft shows!  Check them out!



Melisa said...

LOVE the ribboned paperclips!!!

Sarah said...

Cute! Love the bird seed basket! :)

Ashley @KnittyBittyMommy said...

Thanks so much for linking to my Quilted Christmas Ornament tutorial! It is a great scrapbuster! :) -Ashley @

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