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Friday, December 9, 2011

Fisher Days

For some time now I've arranged our school by the day of the week. Have you seen that little ditty on my sidebar? Several people have asked about that, and it's time I updated and clarified :)
Oh, here it is:

It helps me to keep my head about me to have a loose idea of what we want to accomplish each day. I divide our work into subjects, which are designated to a certain day of the week. It doesn't mean we only do these things on the specified day of the week and no other... it just helps to know that everything will, or at least potentially could get done sometime during the week if all else gets crazy and unpredictable. Does that make sense? Schedules or checklists exist to serve me, I do not exist to serve the schedule! ;)
  • monday - science & natural history
  • tuesday - literature & poetry
  • wednesday - biography & geography
  • thursday - history
  • friday - leftovers
Friday is left free so that anything we don't get done during the week is done that day :)

When I only had two children in any given AO year, it was VERY simple, I didn't even have to write it out, and we rarely had to look at a schedule. We got into the habit quite quickly knowing which books were read on which day. 

This year, as I have four, it is a HUGE help to have the subjects divided by day... here are my thoughts about using this list in the different years:

y2: I pretty much arrange the littles' entire day, every day (they still have plenty of free playtime in which I get to practice masterly inactivity). The amount of work in this combined year (see below) doesn't reflect a normal AO year. Even though their year is combined, there are several things that I only do with one or the other that I didn't put there on the list below.

y7: The bigger kids have arranged their schedules as they see fit when it comes to which books are read on which day at whatever time of day. :) But there are still quite a few things I help them with or am in some great way still involved. Their subjects that I am needed for are arranged by day. I commit to make myself available for those subjects at some time that day (usually before lunch). If they don't take advantage on that day, it gets pushed 'til Friday, or if neither of those, will have to be based on my availability at another time (meaning it may not get done that week).

Here's an example of our days:

Click to download


Joyfulmum said...

I did see that little ditty on your side bar quite a few months ago and borrowed it for our little homeschool hope you don't mind :) I want to say I LOVE your Fisher days table because I love simple :) I might have to borrow this one too (wink wink)

amy in peru said...

I am here to help! ;)

I'm so glad that it's been helpful for you!! Borrow away! ;)

Mel said...

Thanks Amy, this is great! Your schedule looks so clear and simple. Did I mention I LOVE simple? :)
Like you I've been organising our days by subjects for a while now. It just makes everything that bit more manageable doesn't it! Good to know that this will still work once we switch to AO next year.
I am slowly starting to plan so this is really helpful - thanks for sharing! Mel.

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