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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Current Events: 12/7

A continuation of stories from previous weeks:

Occupy Protests:
People vs. Profits? -
Dozens arrested in Occupy D.C. protests -
Read the Occupy D.C. website... interesting to read this side -
70 arrested as police clear Occupy camp in San Francisco and dismantle around 100 tents -
*For older students: Are Occupy Wall Street and corporate fat cats the same? (Parents, please use discretion when watching this video) -

Newly Elected Egyptian Government:
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says it does not seek power struggle with ruling military council -
Muslim Brotherhood top winner in Egyptian election -

Political cartoons are an interesting way to think look at current events... many themes probably go right over the students heads?
Political Cartoons - 

I'm interested to know what you think about using these!


Nadene said...

Thanks ~ your links are great! I recently thought, "How do we keep record of all that is happening around the world?" and made a free download - Calendar and world map of major events in 2011. We now can keep track through the year of natural disasters, weather events, political events and other current events.

amy in peru said...

FANTASTIC idea, Nadene!
Thanks so much for sharing!


Amy Tuttle said...

I like your idea of keeping track with a map! wonderful. I have downloaded it, and would like to keep a copy in the front leaf of the kids journals to update as they write their "This week in history" entries. :)

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